Date : 02 the 12/4/2015

Location: Universidade Federal do Pará-IFCH Auditorium.

Objective: The show gathers and brings to Belém do Pará, movie productions awarded in the competition held during the 29th RBA-Brazilian Meeting of anthropology. Pierre Verger award became a tradition of the meetings of the Brazilian Association of anthropology, the appreciation that he attaches to sound and Visual images produced by anthropologists in the interpretation of cultural phenomena in the contemporary world. The competition is thus a fundamental instance disclosure of such productions and a noble space for reflection on the anthropological research and audiovisual in Brazil.

Programming: The complete schedule can be accessed on the event page  no Facebook.

Promoter: Institution Research Group VISAGEM-UFPA, Institute of philosophy and Humanities-UFPA, with support of the Graduate program in sociology and anthropology-PPGSA-UFPA and Brazilian Association of anthropology-tab.

Inscription: Free admission. Pre-registration is not required.



Speaker: Lourdes Maria Flag

Profa. Holder of the Department. of Sociology at the University of Brasilia-UnB

Location: Institute of letters and communication – ILC – room 1 (Facom),

Date Friday, December 11, 2015 at 9:00


II International Conference media and speech at Amazon

Period : 26 to 27 of November

Objective (s) of the event


Proposes to think about cities. Would be the spaces defining cities supposedly dissolving on the basis of social networks? As the media coverage of the massive media and alternative media show and being hidden cities, its events and its listed?


Raimon Neves

Ana Shirley Penaforte Cardoso



Target audience:

Interdisciplinary character, in this second edition of the TENTH, will bring together researchers who study the cities from the communication studies, Linguistics, anthropology, education, history and Latin American artists



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