Title: Human Ecology, Nature and Amazonian Populations Group - EHNAPAM


Context: This group is formed from the accumulation of research experience in the socioenvironmental area, especially in the Amazonian floodplain. Since 2005, its members have been carrying out research especially on the Purus River channel, as well as on Tucuruí Lake and urban rivers. The main characteristic of the group is to develop works marked by dialogue between different fields of knowledge, articulated by Human Ecology, dealing with qualitative data related to the practices and knowledge of the traditional population on natural resources and fishing. It also deals with topics such as local management, quality of life, and environmental indicators, these especially related to water quality. In the strictu sensu postgraduate course, so far four master's dissertations have been completed in the course of the group's activities and another is in progress. At graduation, three course completion works were completed. Currently it has been strengthening and expanding the theme of fishing for the coastal zone of the state of Pará.

Coordinator: Professor Voyer Ravena Cañete

The Ecologia research group's website hosts several research projects aimed at Amazonian scenarios particularly involved in socio-environmental issues and the use of natural resources by Amazonian populations. It was done with the objective of giving the possibility to the traditional population itself to access the data and to be equipped with the necessary information to face the tensions of the use of the UC and the use of its surroundings. Currently, two projects are underway and ECHOMAPA is the main project, with research and extension sub-projects involving undergraduate and graduate students.

For more information: https://ehnapam.org/


Activity title: Pilgrims of Peace

Activity: Training workshops.

Objective: Development, with society, of activities aimed at rescuing basic social values.

Context: Violence is a controversial subject that is widely discussed by society. Some believe in the need for more severe penalties, others in the reduction of the penal minority, but what many forget is that the violence goes beyond the physical damages. Abandonment, rejection, prejudice and omission are some factors that can fuel violent feelings especially in children and young people, and therefore, most of the proposed solutions are insufficient to alleviate or remedy this problem. Believing in this idea, political scientist Kátia Mendonça formed the Peregrinos da Paz Project, which, together with a group of undergraduate and graduate students at UFPA, develops activities aimed at rescuing basic social values.

Audience: Children, adolescents and adults.

Location: Municipalities of Belém and Abaetetuba, in the State of Pará.

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Coordinator (s): Professor Kátia Mendonça.

Actions carried out: Dialogues and experiences with students from twelve classes in the 5th to 8th grades of the Tiradentes School.

Partnerships: Pará State Government, Philosophical Foundations of Solidarity: Violence and Justice - International Project Based at Universidad Pontificia Comillas and Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).