The VISAGEM-group of research in Visual Anthropology and the image has the honor to invite you to the exhibition X Prize Pierre Verger of ethnographic film.

The show gathers and brings to Belém do Pará movie productions awarded in the competition held during the 29th RBA-Brazilian Meeting of anthropology.

Violeta Refkalefsky sociologist Lena received the highest honor granted UFPA teachers retired, the title of Professor Emeritus, for the great projection in the exercise of their academic activity. Delivery is a milestone for the recognition of women's contribution to science in Pará. Have been, in all, 45 of these titles by delivered UFPA, since 1960, but only four were intended for teachers. Before violet, the last order was placed with a woman in 1992, to Maria Ramos Annunciada keys.

The Juerê-group of studies and research with Children, childhood and Youth, connected to the graduate program in Sociology and Anthropology (PPGSA) of the Institute of philosophy and Humanities (IFCH), promotes, from this Tuesday, 10, the "Inventudes-dialogues on children and youths in the Amazon". The event follows until Thursday, 12, morning and afternoon, the Auditorium Basic Sector I.