Qualifying examinations

Title: management plan Marine extractive reserve Caeté-Taperaçu: co-production of a public action in an area in recovery

Student: Marcelo Oliveira Valley


Review Board:

·         Profª. Dr. Maria José da Silva Daniel Teisserenc (Advisor – UFPA/PPGSA)

·         Profª. Dr. Tania Guimaraes Ribeiro (UFPA/PPGSA)

·         Profª. Dr. Gilberto de Mirando Rocha (PPGDAM//UFPA)

·         Prof º. Dr. Pierre Teisserenc (CEREAL/Université Paris 13)

Venue: Auditorium of the audiovisual LAANF

Date: 11/27/2015

Time: 9:30