Activity title: Environmental Education: a cinematic approach

Location: Belém - Pará.

Importance: The relevance of the project is evidenced by the fact that it has made environmental education possible for elementary school students from two schools in the metropolitan region of Belém with the theme of discussion in cinema, with productions that address environmental issues. The project promoted an education better suited to the reality, needs, problems and aspirations of society, as it simultaneously united leisure and education thus forming citizens able to solve problems, develop skills, organize collectively and refine reading and understanding of the world.


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Advisor (s): Professor Denise Cardoso Machado

Actions: The project discussed themes and actions relevant to socio-environmental issues. He proposed the use of films to make environmental education feasible in the training of elementary school students in the 6th and 7th grades, making use of the cinema as a didactic resource to contribute to the apprehension and reflection of socio-environmental issues.

Results: During the development of the project “Environmental Education: a cinematographic approach” 120 students from the 6th and 7th grades of elementary school at Escola Barão de Igarapé Miri and Escola Santa Emilia; twenty five posters were produced and presented; ten comic strips; production of texts; distribution of magazines for reading at home; scavenger hunts, which promoted the teaching practice of the monitors belonging to the project.


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