Activity: Recognition award for practical contributions related to sustainable development within the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute, in the municipality of Tefé, Amazonas

Type: Award.

Action: Teachers Edila Moura and Edna Alencar participate in the actions developed at the Mamirauá Development Institute (AM) and carry out teaching, research and extension activities that have significantly contributed to improving the living conditions of the riverside populations that are in the areas Conservation Units (UC) included in their projects.

Location: Municipality of Tefé, Amazonas.

Results: Positive socio-environmental impacts from projects coordinated by professors Edila Moura and Edna Alencar are recognized not only by academics, as awards were given to initiatives involving health and the environment. More adequate uses of drinking water and the capture and production of clean and renewable energy are some examples of innovations. Extension actions have also contributed to the empowerment and greater political participation of local populations, in addition to contributing to the improvement of the management process of the PAs included in their projects. It is also worth mentioning that the teams that work at the Mamirauá Institute have in their staff several people who study or graduated from PPGSA.

Date / duration: In progress.

Partnerships: Mamirauá Development Institute (AM) and Federal University of Pará (UFPA).

Linked Project or Group: Study Group on Indigenous Populations (GEPI).

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