Area of Concentration: Sociology and Anthropology


Studies in social science disciplines with an emphasis on dialogue between the works of authors and authors of sociology and their interface with anthropological works. Development of research and joint actions, whose approach focuses on the interconnection between disciplines and, at the same time, the theoretical and methodological resources of sociology and anthropology.


Research Lines:

Public and Collective Actions, Territory and Environment

Studies on collective action and actors (associations, social movements) in rural and urban dimensions; studies on knowledge and uses of natural resources; studies on the participation and role of the State, conflicts, mediation and agreements on social rights; studies on public action in territorial processes; studies on development and social challenges.


Research Lines:

Ethics, Work and Social Arrangements

Studies in Sociology of ethics in its political, institutional and intersubjective dimension, in dialogue with anthropology. Discuss topics such as communication and society relations, art and society, education, violence and non-violence, relations with nature, as well as theoretical studies of social processes, such as will, responsibility, freedom, people and domains of ethics. It includes different forms that work takes in contemporary society, its relationship with professional qualification, work process and conditions, social networks and analysis of economic organizations.


Research Lines:

Gender, Generation and Ethnic-racial Relations

It investigates issues related to sex as an expression of plural identities, in its various instances and in social relations. Studies also address intergenerational relationships, focusing on early childhood, youth and old age and demographic dynamics, transits and displacements. Study of ethnic, racial and socio-cultural minorities, ethnic, intercultural emergency procedures between groups of African descent, indigenous peoples, peasants, caboclos, immigrant groups and others in / from America.


Research Lines:

Religion and Health, Symbolism and Power

Study of systems, practical religious representations in their ritualistic and institutional dimensions; intellectual and cultural practices involving sacred manifestations, cultural heritage, relations of power and culture, popular culture, festivals and other forms of sociability. Studies of different forms of health practices, including those related to popular medicine, shamanistic and other practices, both in rural and urban populations (indigenous and non-indigenous). In all this it is to present the symbolism and its result of practices that are related to questions of power.