Payment curriculum


Rules of the Graduate Program in Social Sciences (PPGCS)

Still in force for classes prior to PPGSA


Program Regulations - N.4830

Approved by CONSEP on July 5, 2016


Internal regulations for use of physical space under PPGSA administration, internal area of ​​IFCH


Internal Resolution N.001 / 2018

Regulates the request made by doctoral students on the dismemberment of the discipline thesis seminars 


Internal Resolution N.001 / 2017

Regulates the term of validity for credit of subjects for the doctorate in Sociology and Anthropology

(for students from another area of ​​knowledge)


Internal Resolution N.002 / 2017

Regulates the requirements for leveling doctoral students in the Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Program

(for students with master's degrees in other areas of knowledge)


Internal Resolution N.003 / 2017

Regulations on credits necessary for the qualification of doctorate - RECTIFIED


Internal Resolution N.004 / 2017

Implementation of the new PPGSA bylaws


PPGSA Collegiate Resolution N.01 / 2016

Criteria for Accreditation and Permanence of Teachers


Resolution No. 0/2008, of February 1, 2008

Regulates the academic path of students from other areas of knowledge.