Violeta Refkalefsky sociologist Lena received the highest honor granted UFPA teachers retired, the title of Professor Emeritus, for the great projection in the exercise of their academic activity. Delivery is a milestone for the recognition of women's contribution to science in Pará. Have been, in all, 45 of these titles by delivered UFPA, since 1960, but only four were intended for teachers. Before violet, the last order was placed with a woman in 1992, to Maria Ramos Annunciada keys.


The granting of the title was approved by the Board of education, research and extension (Consepe) in June 2015 and had been proposed by professor Juan Hoyos Bardalez, Professor of the Faculty of social sciences, in consideration of wide research and theoretical production of Professor Violeta.

 During the ceremony of granting of the title, which happened in the Museu da UFPA, attended by the Dean of the UFPA, professor Carlos Maneschy, Vice-Chancellors, teachers, students, authorities such as the federal representative Edmilson Rodrigues, as well as relatives and friends of the honoree.

Ceremony -the greetings were made by professor Heraldo, lecturer of Maués graduate program in Sociology and anthropology and a personal friend of the honored. He presented a memorial of great professional and academic career of Professor violet, emphasizing her one of the leading connoisseurs of the theme Sociology from Amazon.

In the solemnity, the Rector Carlos Maneschy performed delivery of diploma teacher. "Violet is proud and dignifies the legacy of the UFPA. Without doubt, at this point, she gets what's hers, for Justice and merit: the title of Professor Emeritus, "he said. The Rector was succeeded by a tribute of the spouse of the blessed, the professor of the UFPA João de Jesus Paes Loureiro, who recited the first verses he wrote for her, when they met, in 1963.

Motivation – in his acceptance speech, Professor Violet remembered what drove her to be a researcher of Amazon themes. "I was born in Rio Branco, but 10 years ago, I went to school in Rio de Janeiro. On vacation, came home in Brazilian Air Force planes on trips that took days, stopping at various locations. These incursions in the bowels of the Amazon me aroused the interest for studying the region, "he explained. "I feel very excited with this title. Is the crowning achievement of an effort that always did not wait any prize, but because I love the profession, the classroom and the climate of the University, "he said.

  Career – the teacher's Violet graduated in social sciences from the UFPA (1969), master in Sociology from the State University of Campinas (1985), PhD in Sociology by the Institut des Hautes Study of l ' Amérique Latine (1994) and a post-doctorate at the University of Coimbra (2006).

Acts as a professional of the Magisterium since when he was a student of the College in the old oak Paes Course classic, when he was a schoolteacher. He directed a State school and then became a college professor. Was Director of the Institute of Social and economic development of Pará (Idesp), Director of education of the State Department of education (Seduc) and Adviser to the State Council for culture. Throughout its history, has received several awards and was able to deploy the Sociology discipline on the public network para, even before becoming mandatory in the whole country, by also deploying Amazonian Studies discipline statewide and by initiating the Maintenance Fund and development of elementary education and enhancement of the teaching profession (Fundef) in Pará also, before any other Brazilian State did.

Violeta Loureiro wrote extensive production on the Amazon, analyzing their conflicts and development models, in addition to the governmental sphere, which, she says, was always desaparelhada to deal with the complexity of the region.

After 44 years of teaching at the UFPA, retired in 2013, but remains acting as a researcher and volunteer teacher in graduate programs in sociology and anthropology and in law.

Text: Deano Azevedo – IFCH communication Advice
Photo: Alexandre Moraes